Saturday Night Extravaganza

This evening’s program is a spectacular combination of “All things equestrian”, in the form of exciting entertainment for all. The Saturday Evening Extravaganza combines the beauty of Dressage with the athleticism of the Showjumping combinations, interspersed with short exciting demonstrations of a wide variety of equestrian sports. Along with the Puissance, this programme will provide a really exciting evening’s family entertainment. A wide variety of food sites will provide an opportunity to sit and soak up the atmosphere, adding to your experience of this unique and iconic event. Watch here for further details.


The high jump competition of Equestrian sport with the present Australian record being an impressive 2m 32.4cms. Can this be broken? Don’t miss the opportunity to see eight Australian combinations tackle this record on Saturday evening, making for an exciting competition. There is $70,000 to be won by clearing the massive, purpose built, Puissance wall at 2m 32.5cms. This competition is seldom seen in Australia, but is frequently run in Europe. In the weeks leading up to EquiFest, keep an eye open as you never know where you will see this wall.

Show Jumping

If you are looking for ‘edge of the seat’ competition and entertainment, go no further than the Premier Arena in the main oval of the Hawkesbury Showgrounds. Here you will be enthralled by Show Jumping at the top level. Show jumping enjoys its place, both nationally and internationally, as one of the most popular of equestrian events. The show jumping course tests a horse’s athleticism, agility and tractability while simultaneously testing a rider’s precision, accuracy and responsiveness. Spectator friendly and easy to understand, the object for the show jumper is to negotiate a series of obstacles, where emphasis is placed on height and width, and to do so without lowering the height or refusing to jump any of the obstacles in the time allowed. EquiFest is more than a ‘Horse Show’; it is competition and entertainment at its best!
EquiFest’s Show Jumping Program will feature a number of highlights covering all levels of competition. However, the major highlight will be the Mitavite Sydney Open, which will be the feature class of both the Sunday afternoon Premier Arena programme, and of the Show Jumping section of EquiFest. With an expected $40,000 of prize money, the course for this class will be up to the maximum Olympic height of 1.60m, and will provide top entertainment value as the skill of each horse and rider combination is tested. Watch this site for more details.


Marvel at the beauty and athleticism of both horse and rider, as they performed the difficult and complex movements associated with the Dressage Discipline? Dressage is described as the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. Sometimes referred to as Horse Ballet, competitions are judged on the ability of horse and rider to preform a series of complex manoeuvres by the horse responding to slight movements of the rider's hands, legs, and weight. So don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the beauty of this discipline. Be at the Main Oval of the Hawkesbury Showgrounds where the purpose built Dressage Arena, will be the venue for top quality Dressage Competition.
The Dressage Freestyle is one of the two components that make up the top dressage competition. For this test the horses’ paces are set to music to create a competitive "dance". Movements and figures are choreographed to meet the technical requirements of the particular level with carefully chosen music that highlights the horse/rider combination. Musical Freestyles are entertaining and offer great audience appeal, as will be demonstrated by some of the top level competition that will be held in the Premier Dressage Arena on Saturday afternoon, prior to the Extravaganza.


Don’t miss the Show Horse Arenas where you will witness competitors of all ages, from the five-year-old, still on a lead, to the very mature competitor, parading their horses in front of the judges. For these mounts and their riders, conformation, movement and presentation are of the utmost importance and it is these three facets that form the basis that these combinations are judged on. Much time is spent teaching these horses to move with elegance and fluency. Most of the competitions are divided into three sections based on the height of the horse. In any one class all the competitors enter the arena together. The judges will then call in the top combinations from which they choose the Champion and Reserve Champion, titles which all competitors aspire to achieve.